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About Aphasia

Aphasia is a language fault that happens when you have brain damage. Her brain has two halves. Language skills are in most people in the left half of the brain. Damage to this side of your brain can lead to language problems. Damage to the right side of your brain can cause other problems, such as poor attention or reminder.

Aphasia can make it difficult for you to understand, speak, read or write. It does not make it less intelligent or causes problems with the way you think. Brain damage can also cause other problems with aphasia. You can have muscle weakness in your mouth, named dysarthria . Maybe they have difficulty getting the muscles of their mouth to move the right way to say words, named apricia . You can also have swallow problems called dysphagia .

signs of aphasia

Aphasia can lead to a number of different problems. You may have difficulty talking, understanding, reading and writing.


You can find that you:

  • can not think about the words you want to say.
  • say the wrong word. Sometimes you can say something like "fish" instead of "chicken". Or you could say a word that does not make much sense, like "radio" for "ball".
  • Switch sounds in words. For example, you can say "Wish Dasher" for "dishwasher".
  • use configuration words.
  • It's hard to say sentences. Individual words can be easier.
  • set words and real words in sentences that are not useful.

understanding of

  • do not understand what others say. This can happen more if you speak quickly, for example in the news. You could also have more trouble with longer sentences.
  • Find it hard to understand what others say if it is loud or you are in a group.
  • do you have problems understanding jokes.

reading and writing

You can have problems with the following things:

  • reading forms, books and computer screens.
  • spelling and words together to write sentences.
  • Using numbers or math. For example, it may be difficult to tell time to count or add money and to subtract.

Causes of the Aphasia

Aphasia is most commonly caused by stroke. However, any type of brain damage can cause aphasia. These include brain tumors, traumatic brain injuries and brain disturbances, which worse over time.

Aphasia examination

You should consult a doctor if you have problems talking or understanding what people say. A doctor determines if there is a medical reason for your problem. A linguistic pathologist or SLP will test your language and language skills. The SLP asks you for the problems you work and what you want to work. The SLP test, how good you:

  • understand words, questions, instructions and stories.
  • say words and sentences. The SLP asks you to name objects, describe pictures and answer questions.
  • reading and writing. The SLP will write you with letters, words and sentences. You also read short stories and answer questions about them.
  • Find other ways to share your ideas when you have problems. This may include showing or using other gestures and drawing images.

Treatments for aphasia

There are many ways to work on your language. The type of treatment you get depends on what you want and need. You can work with a SLP for yourself or in a small group. You may want your family to be part of your treatment. You can help you use the skills that you learn with the SLP at home. You can also join a support group or a stroke club for social activities.

Are you talking about more than one language? You can speak better in a language and more trouble in the other. Or you can have difficulty in both difficulties. You should work with a SLP that speaks both languages ??if you can.

In severe cases, you may need to find other ways to answer questions or tell people what they want. These can indicate simple hand gestures, writing, on letters or pictures or show a computer. This is augmentative and alternative communication or aac.

The SLP can help you to return to work or school if this is your goal. You may need to change how to do your job. Or you may need special devices to help you communicate. Your SLP can work with your boss or teachers to make these changes.

See ASHA information for professionals on the aphasia page of the Practice portal.

Tips for communicating with a person who has aphasia

These tips can make it easier for you to understand it and talk to others. Share these tips with your family and friends.

to help me talk to them:

  1. Get my attention before you start talking.
  2. keep eye contact with me. Watch my body language and the gestures I use.
  3. talk to me on a quiet place. Turn off the TV or radio.
  4. keep your voice at normal level. You do not have to talk loud, unless I ask you.
  5. hold the words you use simple but adults. Do not talk to me "talking".
  6. use shorter sentences. Repeat the keywords you want to understand.
  7. slow down your speech.
  8. give me time to talk. It can take me longer. Try to stop my sentences for me.
  9. Try to use drawings, gestures, writing and facial expressions. I can understand that better than sometimes words.
  10. ask me to draw, write, write or show if I have problems talking.
  11. ask me a "yes" and "no" questions. These are easier than questions I have to answer in words or sentences.
  12. Let me sometimes make mistakes. I may not say everything perfectly.
  13. Let me try to do things for me. I have to try a few times. Help me if I ask.

Other resources

This list does not contain any website on this topic. Asha does not support the information on these pages.

To find a speech language pathologist in your area, visit professors.

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